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Casa SaltShaker
Salon for Food and Conversation / Salón para Comida y Conversación

Buenos Aires, Argentina

November 29-December 1, 2012


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Comments from some of the guests:

"Thanks to you and Henry for a wonderful dinner and truly memorable evening. We enjoyed the hospitality and the great company. See you on our next trip to BA!" - M.G.

"Thank you for a wonderful experience. Great food, great company! I'm sure you can expect to see more of me in BA in the future;)" - J.S.

"Thank you for a great evening! The food was amazing and the company was wonderful. All in all, one of the most memorable and interesting nites in memory. We will definitely recommend Casa Salt Shaker. We did not end up taking a copy of the menu. Do you have anything that you could easily send? Also, we are struggling with remembering the names of all the couples and have exchanged e-mails. would you consider a reminder list?  We are looking at whether we can fit in another dinner before we leave on the 15th. I was definitly the best meal of our time here. Thanks again!" - B.&K.Y.

"This was our first experience at a 'closed door' restaurant. We loved the concept of surprise with the menu and the guest list. Our group was interesting and the conversation was lively and fun. The food was absolutely delicious, with flavors carefully chosen, and plates beautifully presented. By far, our favorite meal in Buenos Aires and the most memorable dining experience anywhere. Don't miss this!" - K.Y via TripAdvisor

"We had the best time. It was great meeting you and Henry. The meal was outstanding and presented so seamlessly. We were lucky to have such a great and diverse group of people. It was a wonderful night and we won't hesitate to write a Trip Advisor review when we get back! (typing on this iPad sucks). Un beso" - R.G.

"Thanks, Dan, to you and Henry, for a lovely evening! Both the food and company were great. Happy birthday to Henry!" - B.H.

"Muchas Gracias Dan por la exquisita comida y la atención. Fue una muy buena experiencia!" - C.M.

"It was a very enjoyable evening--both foodwise and peoplewise. Thanks, and I will recommend it to friends to come to BA." - M.H.

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