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Casa SaltShaker
Salon for Food and Conversation / Salón para Comida y Conversación

Buenos Aires, Argentina

December 19-22, 2012


Link to my writeup

Comments from some of the guests:

"Thanks again for such a lovely evening! The food, ambiance, and conversation were all truly one of a kind. Happy Holidays!" - V.R.

"Your meal and dining experience were spectacular. We are at Osaka now and it is wonderful and actually very fun. We are looking for a recommendation for a steak place that you love. We really enjoyed fervor but was hoping for to find one more! Thanks for your help and we will send in a good write up when we get to our computer! Thanks so much." - D.L. [Recommended either Don Julio or Parrilla Donca]

"We had a delightful evening and we loved your home and the whole concept. Your food reminds us of discovering a great little bistro in Paris where you go in expecting just an average meal and come out having had a truly exception one. Delicious and creative all around, and we particularly  liked the reinterpretation of a tarte tatin as a savory course and the chicken was exceptional!" - T.M.

"Dining at the Casa Saltshaker was the culinary highlight of our recent trip to Buenos Aires (Dec 22, 2012). There is always some trepidation as to what to expect in terms of food quality and guests at places such as these, but we were very fortunate on both counts. The meal began with a seafood soup with was magnificent- a nice balance of flavors. This was followed by a caramelized radish tart- superb, a fish course (the weakest dish of the evening but still good), and a chicken dish with a chickory risotto- which was excellent. Each dish was well paired with a suitable wine. For dessert we had a banana torte and sorbet which was simply amazing. Dan was the perfect host. I would highly recommend Casa Saltshaker to anyone looking for a unique dining experience in Buenos Aires." - B.W. via TripAdvisor

"My Husband and I had dinner here the evening of December 20th with eight other very entertaining folks. The setting is lovely and Dan and Henry charming. The first few courses served were OK, but not exceptional. The chicken course was awful and should never have left the kitchen. Not only was it overcooked, but so tough that one could barely cut it with the knife. The wines were very good. For $60 per person, this was a real disappointment!" - W.T. via TripAdvisor [Obviously, we wouldn't have sent out a dish that we thought was bad, we always have a backup, so at most, unfortunately, we can only guess that a couple of the portions of chicken got overcooked and for that, we apologized to her and her husband via e-mail after this posting. Thankfully, they seem to be the only ones who felt this way about that dish or the others.]

"The last time we had dinner at your house, it was absolutely amazing. Thank you. M's birthday is next Thursday and I wanted to see if it
would be possible to have a private dinner party on or near that day. Thanks in advance!" - T.R.

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