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Casa SaltShaker
Food. Wine. Conversation. New Friends.
Comida. Vino. Conversación. Amigos Nuevos.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

March 6-9, 2013


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Comments from some of the guests:

"I had a wonderful time dining in your home. What an unforgettable experience to share with strangers, some of whom are friends now. I just left a review on TA. Keep up the great cooking. I never thought I would travel so far and eat Okra! It was so good. I wish my gf could have joined me, that is her favorite vegetable." - W.D.

I can't even remember how I first learned of Dan and Casa Saltshaker, but I am glad I did. Nestled in a not so busy street in Recoleta, Dan and Henry open their home to 8-10 strangers for private dinners with reservations only. As a disclaimer, I am a fairly serious foodie who eats virtually anything. I knew going into the dinner that I wouldn't have a problem. From the first email, Dan was a pleasure to communicate with. On my 2nd night in BsAs this dinner was a real highlight. Being a solo traveler, I rather enjoyed the conversation and meeting new people for dinner. From course to course, I was thoroughly impressed with the attention to detail, quality of preparation, presentation, ingredients, and flavor. I can certainly pick a favorite, but none let me down. Now the food is purposefully not authentic Argentine, it is of Dan's own mind and his inspirations. Just go with it. The wine pairings were really nice and took the experience to another level. Honestly, at $65 I feel this is a good value. I highly recommend this if you are at least mildly adventurous and want to try something new and different. I would do it all again." - W.D. via TripAdvisor

"No negatives and we will leave a review on trip advisor, our pleasure!" - S.M.

"Hi Dan thank you again, we had such a wonderful time. We're only kicking ourselves not taking pictures throughout the night. We will definitely write something on TripAdvisor when we get back to the states. We're considering doing another closed door dinner while we're in BA. I went through your list and there are quite a lot locally. Are there any in particular you would recommend above the others?
Thank you," - M.&D.I.

"So much fun to be in Dan's home and dine with a bunch of strangers who felt like friends in no time. The meal was very good and inventive. Dan paired each course with really nice wine selections. We went to another closed-door dinner later in our trip and it paled in comparison. Dan's is something special." - M.I via TripAdvisor

"We had such an amazing time with Dan at his closed door dinner, it was one of the highlights of our trip. It's a communal table, which apparently isn't that popular in Argentina, but we loved it. Most of the people were either American or British so language was not an issue. Dan served us a welcoming shot of pisco, hesperandia, and jugo de duranzo. He then explained how the meal would proceed and went to the kitchen to start cooking. What followed was a creative and delicious mix of flavors that had been carefully planned by Dan. We tried five courses, each paired with a different Argentinian wine. I loved everything and we had such a fun time talking with everyone. My only wish is that Dan could have been out with us to talk more since he has a wealth of information about food, cooking, and Buenos Aires. Alas, time in the dining room though is less time in the kitchen I suppose. Don't leave Argentina without having dinner here first!" - D.I via TripAdvisor

"Thank for for everything, we really enjoyed the meal! I remember at the beginning of the meal you were naming some of your favorite restaurants in buenos aires, and I am just wondering if you would be able to remind me of those names. Thanks!" - L.C.

"This was our first time experiencing this format and it did not disappoint. We had a wonderful dinner, the wine was great and the overall experience very memorable. I would definitely recommend Casa Saltshaker." - R. via TripAdvisor

"I definately enjoyed the evening and the food and wines were great. Two suggestions: I thought the courses came very fast after each other and would have stretched the evening a little longer. I did enjoy the evening, but would have liked it if there would be more of a mix of different nationalities. But i can imagine that it is kind of difficult for you to manage that. Thanks again for your hospitality!" - S.D. [Just luck of the draw on the mix of nationalities...]

"We’re just back to the states and having cut ourselves off from email during our vacation I’m trying to catch up now. We thoroughly enjoyed our evening with you and already plan to post a great review on Trip Advisor. Even if something had not been up to snuff, the fact that R... ate and loved your beets is more significant than you can imagine. She’s been talking about them every day since. I’ll send along some photos as soon as we have a chance to sort through the 400 or so that are currently on our camera. Be well! Hope to see you again sometime." - B.C.

"It's not a restaurant and you don't go there just for a meal. An evening spent at Casa Saltshaker is an experience and while it's not tradicional Argentine fare it was a great and memorable moment on our visit to Buenos Aires. Dan and Henry are gracious hosts. The food was delicious and beautifully prepared and presented. The wine pairings were perfect. We were lucky enough to share the evening with a fun and interesting group of guests from various locations around the globe and while I can imagine there may be times that everyone in the dining group won't be best of friends, it will still add to the unique quality of the evening if you go in with the right attitude. Well done Dan and Henry!" - B.C. via TripAdvisor


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