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Casa SaltShaker
Food. Wine. Conversation. New Friends.
Since 2005

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Welcome to Casa SaltShaker. We offer a unique dining experience, sharing a table with other guests at our home in Barrio Norte. The setting is casual and the conversation lively. Our food is eclectic - exploring the spices, herbs, and ingredients of the Andes, fused with global cuisine. Although not vegetarian, our focus is on fresh vegetables and fruits of the season as the key elements of each dish, and we can often provide a vegetarian option. It's all about meeting new friends over good food and wine. A truly "don't miss" experience for both travelers and locals!

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Our menu changes daily due to ingredient availability, guest considerations and our whims. If you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions, please ask whether we can accommodate them before or when making the reservation.

Currently scheduled dinners: - spaces available; - fully booked;  - closed

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While we've only scheduled out this far ahead, we do keep a waiting list for future dates - generally we're open Wednesday through Saturday.

  • We seat a maximum of ten (10) guests at our shared table, yes, we understand you're skinny, and no, we can't fit an 11th person in. But sure, go ahead and ask.

  • We ask people to come between 8:45 and 9:00 p.m. so that we can start with everyone present. We, and your fellow guests, would appreciate it if you're on time.

  • Unless otherwise noted, our price for the five-course tasting menu with paired wines is US$70 including a welcome cocktail, mineral water and coffee or tea. We do not offer an option to bring your own wine. We do ask for a 50% deposit (via PayPal or credit card, bank transfer or bitcoin) to secure the reservation, for which you'll receive an online link to pay.

  • Payment of the balance at the dinner in cash only - as close as you can to exact would be appreciated - if you prefer to pay via credit card, paypal, bank transfer or bitcoin, we can arrange that in advance via an internet payment.

  • We have an outdoor garden where you or your guests can smoke, indoors is non-smoking. Cigarettes please. It's not a cigar bar, and no, we can't help you "score some weed".

  • We do keep a waiting list, so even if a night shows as full, let us know if you're interested.

  • Please read the Frequently Asked Questions page - don't say we didn't tell you.

Thinking about a dinner party at home? Need a place for a welcome or goodbye evening? Perhaps a business dinner meeting outside of the usual hustle and bustle of a restaurant? Avoid all the work and cleanup and plan a private dinner with us here at Casa SaltShaker!