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Casa SaltShaker
Food. Wine. Conversation. New Friends.
Comida. Vino. Conversación. Amigos Nuevos.

Buenos Aires, Argentina







May 26, 2015 - A World of Chefs - Selected as one of the first chefs in the world (along with 8 others) to be featured for the inauguration of this new site.

March 19, 2015 - The Life of Luxury - Ultimate Gourmet Dining – The World’s Best Private Supper Clubs - "Expect your taste buds to be tantalized by wonders"

February 17, 2015 - Something in Her Ramblings - Casa Saltshaker pops-up – and rides to shore – in Playa Jacó - "a rare opportunity to witness – and taste – the birth of a truly unique fusion of cuisines... the beginning of what will be a renaissance, and perhaps the future, of Costa Rican fine dining cuisine"

January 2015 - Good Things Magazine - Clandestine Dining in Buenos Aires - "the classic 'Cerrada' experience"

January 2015 - Fodor's Buenos Aires - "...scoring a spot to dig in to their Mediterranean-meets-Andean cuisine, five-course menu with paired wines can be hard to do, so book early."

October 24, 2014 - Vancouver Homes - Vancouver’s Secret Supper Clubs - "Dan Perlman is considered an authority on the worldwide underground dining scene"

September 8, 2014 - Coca-Cola Journey - Supper Clubs Strike Back - "Even without the whiff of danger that comes from eating beef tartare from an unlicensed kitchen, supper clubs address a certain foodie ennui among today’s been-there-done-that diners."

May 2014 - Marie Claire - Come Dine With Us: Supper Clubs - "part of the societal fabric"

December 24, 2013 - BOE - The Best of the Best in Buenos Aires - "you will be seated and served at the same table with locals, expats and other travellers which makes for interesting cross-cultural conversations"

December 9, 2013 - Como Sur - Behind the Puertas Cerradas of Buenos Aires: Casa SaltShaker - Interview

November 2013 - A Gringo in Buenos Aires - Recoleta - "one of the best", "the experience is truly memorable"

October 29, 2013 - Food Republic - The World's 11 Best Super Secret Supper Clubs - "globetrotting fare includes homemade pappardelle with walnuts and butter beans, chili and prawn salad and incredibly on-point wine pairings." [reprinted November 5, 2013 - Vancouver Sun - World's 11 Best Underground Restaurants]

October 2013 - National Geographic Traveler UK - Buenos Aires: eating in - "one of the city's most established in-home restaurants."

June 2013 - Passport - World Eats: Buenos Aires - "The sense of adventure we all felt walking into a home to dine with strangers is what reminded us all what travel is really about."

2013 - DK Eyewitness Travel - Top 10 Buenos Aires - Listed as the #1 top restaurant in "Barrio Norte, Recoleta & Around"

June 15, 2013 - Sydney Morning Herald - Homing Instinct - "The result is fine home-style cooking, often genre-based or themed, served in a convivial, social setting with an adventurous clientele."

May 31, 2013 - Buenos Aires Tours - Casa SaltShaker 'Closed Door' Restaurant - "idiosyncratic cooking style and is certainly not the usual Buenos Aires fare"

May 21, 2013 - LuxeEpicure - Discovering Buenos Aires’ Hidden Kitchens: Puertas Cerradas Worth Finding - "a family dining experience and guests tend to befriend one another over dishes"

May 13, 2013 - Lux27 - Guerrila Gourmet: The World's Best Private Supper Clubs - "Expect your taste buds to be tantalized by wonders"

March 2013 - Times UK Sunday Travel - After Dark: Inside Buenos Aires - "You never know who you'll be seated next to..."

February 15, 2013 - Billionaire - Private Dining Clubs: The New Informality - "upscale and impressive home cooking with standout dishes..."

February 7, 2013 - Ottsworld - Dining in Private - "this experience is perfect for solo travelers – it’s a communal table and everyone eats together!"

December 30, 2012 - AFAR - The Secret Kitchens of Buenos Aires - "a truly unique dining experience"

November 29, 2012 - CNN Travel - 10 great Buenos Aires restaurants - "a good option if you're traveling alone or fancy meeting new people"

Spring-Summer 2012-13 - SHOP Buenos Aires - Table Talk - "one of the first puertas cerradas"

August 2012 - BAIN newsletter - Shaking it up at Casa SaltShaker - "delectable courses that are perfectly paired with wines"

July-August 2012 - Private Clubs - Home Cooking in Buenos Aires - " a chance for locals to meet tourists and tourists to meet locals."

February 21, 2012 - Globe and Mail - Dishes from three closed door restaurants - "...an instant hit to the taste buds - we all begged for more"

February 16, 2012 - The Hindu - The Reluctant Gourmet: Guerilla dining in Asia - "...diners are shoving aside velvet ropes and black ties to dive into a world that's shadowy, ephemeral and endlessly exhilarating"

February 10, 2012 - 2Backpakers - 10 Unusual Things to Do in Buenos Aires - "a unique eating experience"

January 24, 2012 - Fox News - Secret supper clubs worth checking out - "Why forgo the temples of cuisine in favor of the unknown? Easy: You remember the people you meet on your travels long after the last crumb disappears from your plate"

December 6, 2011 - About.com - Casa SaltShaker: Gourmet Closed Door Restaurant - "you won't have the same meal twice ... interesting flavor combinations"

November 2011 - Wallpaper - Quinoa - mention of one of our dishes

October 2011 - in (LAN's inflight magazine) - A very private affair - "eclectic home cooking"

October 14, 2011 - About.com - 3-for-1: Amazing Website, Closed Door Restaurant, & Writer - "serves up exquisite combinations of flavors for each course on the ever-changing menu"

August 1, 2011 - The Real Argentina - Buenos Aires Supper Clubs: Go Underground, or Go Home - "There’s something about having each course’s cultural context being introduced by a charismatic intellectual that I like. It certainly doesn’t happen in my home."

July 8, 2011 - BBC Travel - International cuisine in Buenos Aires' puerta cerradas - "American chef Dan Perlman crafts his thematic menus for Casa Saltshaker with a Mediterranean base and tailors them to coincide with upcoming holidays.

Summer 2011 - Ensemble Vacations - Wordly Delights: Dinner Clubs - "former New Yorker Perlman isn't shy about culinary experimentation, much to his guests' delight."

May 18, 2011 - The Argentina Independent - Top 5 Puertas Cerradas - "one hell of a dinner party"

February 2, 2011 - The Jewish Daily Forward - From Hidden Restaurants to Steaks - "American Dan Perlman runs one of the city’s favorite, Casa Salt Shaker."

Early 2011 - Vertu - Behind Closed Doors: Join the Secret Suppers in Buenos Aires - "mixing the intimacy and exclusivity of a dinner party with a kitchen talent worthy of a top-end restaurant"

December 2010/January 2011 - Budget Travel - Covert Kitchens - "transforming dinner into a unique social experience."

October 20, 2010 - The Desert Sun - If there's a will, there's a vegan meal in the works - "The experience definitely felt more personal than any restaurant, more like visiting an old friend who also happens to be a wonderful chef."

September 30, 2010 - Expat Daily News - Inventive Home-Cooked Food With Great Vibe in Buenos Aires - A Closed-Door Restaurant - "You feel as though you have been invited warmly into Dan’s life, and get to share this experience with other great people."

September 27, 2010 - Nile Guide - Dining in Buenos Aires' Puerta Cerrada Restaurants - "one of Buenos Aires’ most renowned foodies"

August 2010 - iExplore - Best of: Top 10 Dining Experiences in the World - "particularly popular with those wanting to meet new people...and those who are really into food and wine."

August 24, 2010 - Reuters (and reprinted in NY Times) - Closed Door Eateries Lure Adventurous Diners - "Imagine a dinner party with complete strangers."

August 22, 2010 - The Boston Globe - Buenos Aires by way of a menu, not a map - "Diners can’t help but meet at the intimate dinners at Casa SaltShaker, where they convene around one large communal table."

August 5, 2010 - Talk Vietnam - Closed door eateries lure adventurous diners - "Casa SaltShaker’s menu changes every week, and ranges from tequila soup to seaweed caviar."

Augsut-September 2010 - Pluna Mag - A real pleasure by word of mouth - "Some of the first to set this trend were Casa SaltShaker..."

May 17, 2010 - Foodtripper - Argentina's Secret Supper Clubs: "an unusual and rich combination\"

April 2010 - Australian Gourmet Traveller - The Hot 100: "innovative dinners and cooking classes"

February 2010 - International Living - How to Find the Secret Restaurants in Buenos Aires: "a great opportunity to meet new people from all over the world"

January 26, 2010 - MatadorNights - Buenos Aires Binge Eating 101 - "It’s an elevating culinary and social event, one that made me feel bouncy and smiley as I walked out the door."

January 23, 2010 - Irish Times - Hidden Gems: "the lucky 10 who get places enjoy nights on the theme of, for example, Nicaragua, the Caribbean or Macedonia"

December 16, 2009 - Golf Link - Gourmet Restaurants in Buenos Aires: "While the setting is mostly casual, the food - is innovative and upscale,"

November 29, 2009 - The Argentine Post - Dan Perlman and the "Closed Door Restaurant": "No pretense of mystery or exclusivity.... a SaltShaker evening entails a communal table and five courses with wine pairings by a professional chef/sommelier."

Summer/Autumn 2009 - Time Out Buenos Aires - Restaurant Reviews: "refreshingly complex"

August 2008 - Lonely Planet Guides: Argentina: "spine-tingling feeling brought on by discovering something off the beaten-path"

August 10, 2008 - Austin-American Statesman - When dining in Argentina, there's no place like someone's home: "Perlman's deft touch on high-quality ingredients lent every course the same sophistication as restaurant fare without the buttery excess."

June 6, 2008 - OrangeLife - Behind Closed Doors: "Wildly imaginative themed menus"

April 23, 2008 - South China Morning Post - Entrée: Buenos Aires: "memorable, eclectic cuisine"

November 15, 2007 - New York Times - Where to Eat Well in Buenos Aires: "hidden and exclusive"

November 1, 2007 - On the Road Travel: "unintentionally started his own trend – private restaurants, hitting on the two things that Argentines love most: exclusivity and quality"

October 2007 - Skylar - 24 Hours in Buenos Aires: "Their intimate dinner parties are the talk of the town"

October 5, 2007 - Fergus Falls Daily Journal - An "underground" dining experience: "interesting takes on dining"

October 2007 - in (LAN's inflight magazine) - At Home with a Chef: "The idea is to share the impressions that each dish evokes, creating an opportunity for conversation."

July 31, 2007 - Food & Wine - Eating In Argentina: Beyond Beef: "impeccably paired with Argentinean wines that went way beyond Malbec"

May 2007 - Hemispheres - Buenos Aires' Secret Suppers: "you’ll feel like you’ve arrived at an old friend’s house for dinner"

March 16, 2007 - What's Up Buenos Aires? - The "Puertas Cerradas" Phenomenon and Expat Explosion in One!: "not only is the dinner satisfying on a hunger level, is is also extremely social"

Summer/Autumn 2007 - Time Out Buenos Aires - Restaurant Reviews: "one of the most intriguing"

Summer/Autumn 2007 - Time Out Buenos Aires - Behind Closed Doors: "The new kid on the block is the most off-beat"

February 2007 - Virgin Media - Cool Down in Buenos Aires: "the most original menu"

February 2007 - Table Conversations - Dinner at Dan's: "the food is creative, fun and very good and the wine pairings are expert"

December 30, 2006 - Guardian Unlimited - Eat, drink, sleep Buenos Aires: "off the radar as well as off the wall"

December 17, 2006 - The New York Times - Buenos Aires: Psst! Want a Discreet Dinner?: "There’s something kind of cool about knowing what’s behind the secret door"

November 2006 - Men.Style (GQ) - Underground Gourmets: "the local answer to New York's Freeman's (circa 2004)"

November 2006 - Fashion - Jetsetter Culture: Latin Lover

August 29, 2006 - Gridskipper - Underground Restaurants in Buenos Aires: "Everybody wants to feel in the know, right?"

May 10, 2006 - FoodCandy - Interview

May 2006 - Punch In International & The Walman Report - Side Dish: "offering a set menu of creative global cuisine for a price that is hard to beat"


28 abril 2015 - American Express - Restaurante a puertas cerradas, el último capricho trendy - "No es una tendencia nueva, ni una creación de jóvenes rebeldes del establecimiento."

27 febrero 2015 - InfoBAE - Restaurantes a puertas cerradas, tendencia gourmet que se consolida - "esta modalidad es mucho más interesante y personal que un restaurante tradicional"

7 julio 2014 - ReservaRestó - Entrevista con Dan Perlman - “Hay una tendencia hacia una nueva cocina argentina creativa, y eso es emocionante”

14 febrero 2014 - La Nación - El placer de comer afuera como si se estuviera en casa - "una experiencia gastronómica en la que se comparte la mesa con personas desconocidas"

21 octubre 2012 - La Prensa - Restaurantes a puertas cerradas - "Una moda gastronómica que permite disfrutar de la calidez del hogar pero afuera de casa"

10 agosto 2012 - Buenos Aires Daily Secret - Secreta Amistad - "platos increibles y hacen nuevos amigos"

9 agosto 2012 - Maru - De la cocina al living: cómo es cenar a puertas cerradas - " la comodidad y la buena onda flotan en el aire y la mesa en la que abunda la comida y el buen vino parece la de una reunión de amigos"

Julio 2012 - Llegas a Buenos Aires - comer a puertas cerradas - "...para el chef es una puerta flexible a la creatividad. Es libertad."

4 mayo 2012 - PlanetaJoy - Cenar con desconocidos"Pionero del formato 'a puertas cerradas' en Buenos Aires"

Octubre 2011 - in (revista de LAN) - Banquetes muy privados - "la cocina casera ecléctica"

Octubre 2011 - Ambito Premium - A Puerta Cerrada - "una invitación al ritual de comer en un espacio más relajado que el ámbito de un restorán"

2 septiembre 2011 - 7 Dias/Tiempo Argentino - "...se mantiene el clima intimo y se favorece el contacto directo entre el cocinero y su público."

Abríl 2011 - Maru - Escondites de Buenos Aires - "Ideal para conocer gente, espíritus aventureros y viajados."

Marzo 2011 - Elle Argentina - A Puertas Cerradas - "La última moda en gastronomía."

13 noviembre 2010 - Clarin - Señores, la mesa está servida - "una sola y larga mesa en la que perfectos desconocidos, como una gran familia en idílica armonía, se amuchan motivados por el goce del buen comer"

10 octubre 2010 - Clarin - Cenar como en el living de casa, pero atendido por profesionales - "una opción para cenar como si fuera en un cinco estrellas, aunque con varias diferencias."

Octubre 2010 - La Agencia de Viajes Latinoamérica - Secretos para viajeros sibaritas - "Los "restaurantes a puertas cerradas"" permiten conocer el latir de un destino desde una perspectiva diferente, en ambientes auténticos y ante deliciosos platos caseros."

28 septiembre 2010 - InfoBAE - Cocina gourmet: dónde están y qué ofrecen los retaurantes "ocultos" - "ofrecen exclusividad y atención personalizada."

Agosto-Septiembre 2010 - Pluna Mag - Un placer que va de boca en boca - "Otros que marcaraon tendencia fueron Casa SaltShaker..."

20 julio 2010 - La Nación - Restaurantes a puertas cerradas, una aventura gourmet

5 julio 2010 - La Razon - Cenar en el living del chef, la nueva tendencia fashion "uno de los pioneros"

Junio 2010 - Apertura - Fatto in casa: "Con un abaníco de idiomas y de perfiles, la intención siempre es compartir una experiencia diferente"

2 junio 2010 - Clarín - Buen menú y pura intimidad: "Cuando abran, un aroma especial saldrá a recibirlo"

19 enero 2010 - Planeta Joy - Restaurantes a puertas cerradas: nuestros 9 recomendados: "Uno de los pioneros entre los restaurantes a puertas cerradas en Buenos Aires"

6 septiembre 2009 - Pagina/12 - Salí a Comer, Restaurantes a Puertas Cerradas: "los deliciosos caprichos de Dan"

Septiembre 2009 - Brando - Como comer en casa: "El menú es temático y cambia cada semana de acuerdo al capricho de Dan."

November 2008 - Caras (Chile) - Mesas VIP: "definitivamente si lo que se quiere es ver y ser visto, el restorán de Dan Perlman en pleno Recoleta, es el acertado"

14 octubre 2008 - Cronista Comercial - Cocinas con Contraseña: "la gran protagonista de la velada es la cocina ingeniosa y ecléctica"

27 octubre 2008 - Viajeros Barceló - Restaurante a Puertas Cerradas: - "Algo diferente y todavia desconocido para disfrutar en Buenos Aires"

Octubre 2008 - W? Watt - Casa Tomada: "algo diferente"

15 julio 2008 - Para Ti - Experiencias Gastronómicas: " compartir la mesa con desconocidos es una experiencia diferente para nada desdeñable"

26 mayo 2008 - La Nación - Esa rara atracción de sentarse a la mesa con desconocidos: "un menú poco ortodoxo"

11 mayo 2008 - Perfil - Restós privados: el lujo de comer y beber en la residencia del chef: "Los afortunados conocedores de este lugar deben reservar con anticipación"

25 marzo 2008 - Glamout - Restaurantes Privados: Very Exclusivo: "Ambiente multicultural, amigable y relajado"

Marzo/Abril 2008 - Gabo - Toque timbre y pasa: "una muy buena propuesta para ir solo e intercambiar conversación con desconocidos"

22 noviembre 2007 - Cronista - Restaurantes privados: comer afuera, pero como en casa: "las charlas inesperadas son parte del encanto de este restaurante secreto"

Octubre/Noviembre 2007 - RSVP - Efemérides Gastronómicas: "un espacio ideal para ir solo"

Octubre 2007 - in (la revista de LAN) - En Casa del chef: "La idea es socializar las sensaciones que provoca cada comida y crear un solo espacio de conversación"

Octubre 2007 - Cuisine & Vins - A puertas cerradas: "llenan de turistas, argentinos gourmet y aventureros de todo el mundo que buscan conocer gente divertida"

1 junio 2007 - Argentine Wines: "Así fue como pudimos probar los diferentes maridajes propuestos"

5 febrero 2007 - Clarín - ¿Qué tal ir a una cena secreta en Buenos Aires?: "Entre los conocedores, el favorito es Casa SaltShaker"

28 enero 2007 - La Nación - Ahora, para comer hay que tocar timbre: "exclusividad y discreción"

29 diciembre 2006 - La Nación - Lugares para comer tranquilos: "Hay algo cool en conocer qué hay detrás de la puerta secreta"

Noviembre 2006 - Clubs y Countries - Salidas Gourmet: "muy popular entre los conocedores de comidas y vinos"

July 2006 - Bacanal - Espia Gourmet: El Salero Misterioso: "Como dicen por ahí, 'para agendar.'"


January 2015 - Jornal i - Buenos Aires. Porquê jantar fora quando podemos ir a casa do chef? (Portuguese) - "'Cozinha com influência mediterrânica' soa bem para quem quer desenjoar de parrillas e matar saudades da Europa."

July 2014 - Conde Nast Traveller (Russian) Вы приглашены - "Назовем это креативной кухней. Но чаще всего это блюда, подсмотренные в бесконечных путешествиях или по придуманным самими поварами-серрадистами рецептам."

March 8, 2013 - Das Grosse Los (German, travel book) - "Genau das ist es, was ich am reisen so liebe: dieses schneeballsystem, das den planeten zu einer dorfgemeinschaft schrumpft."

Primavera/Verão 2012/2013 - SHOP Buenos Aires - Table Talk (Portuguese) - "um dos primeiros puertas cerradas"

Marssia 2, 2012 - Helsingen Sanomat - Buenos Aires on Etelä-Amerikan Berliini (Finnish) - "Ruoka ei ole argentiinalaista, mutta se on luovaa. Nautin siitä, että sisältö on yllätys"

Outubro 2011 - Viagem - 99 razões para amar Buenos Aires (Portuguese) - "Dan Perlman, um americano apaixonado por Buenos Aires, vinhos e comida, se mudou para lá e prepara delicias"

Agosto-Setembro 2010 - Pluna Mag - Um prazer que vai de boca em boca (Portuguese) - "Outros que marcaram tendência foram Casa SaltShaker...."

2010 - Routard Mag - Les restaurants « a puertas cerradas » (French) - "On a l’impression de se rendre à dîner chez un vieil ami"

Novembre 2009 - Global Report - Invito al ristocasa (Italian): "Tra un bicchiere di Malbec e una conversazione in spanglish sono nate amicizie e nuovi amori"

Setembro 2009 - Viagem Buenos Aires - Perdão... Posso Comer Aqui? (Portuguese): "Uma experiência imperdivel"

Marzo 2007 - Tipi Metropolitani - TIPS Buenos Aires (Italian): "è un punto di incontro per conoscenze cosmopolite, davanti a piatti figli di una cucina estremamente ricercata"

Februar 17, 2007 - Die Tageszeitung - Die versteckte Stadt (German) - "fuhrt er sie auch mit seinen empfehlungen durch das menu"



June 2013 - Kjelles smakresa - Swedish travel show that organized a dinner here, mostly in Swedish, partially in English - we're in it from roughly minutes 16-24. Svensk video

Early 2010 - Local Flavor - Argentina is for (Wine) Lovers: Celebrating Vino Argentino

November 1, 2009 - Global Post - Gourmet Suppers Behind Closed Doors - Video in English

October 2008 - A Matter of Taste with David & Rachel Cane - Radio podcast in English

November 2007 - Ultra Eye HD - English video

May 2007 - Telefe - Video en Castellano en dos partes



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