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To date, there have been more than 150 published articles about us in the worldwide press, plus dozens and dozens of blog posts, videos, and radio broadcasts, in at least 15 languages that we know about. We’ve picked out a couple of recent pieces that we think sum up the experience well.

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Ultimate Gourmet Dining – The World’s Best Private Supper Clubs

Casa Saltshaker is a very intimate affair

Today, private supper clubs are helping make the world of fine dining a more welcoming and enjoyable, family experience. Long gone are the days of the traditional “dress up, book up, turn up, pay up. ” Taken its place is a new and popular style of dining. It’s exclusive but this intimate, gastronomic experience can be shared by new friends, usually around the same dining table.

It’s no surprise that new, private supper clubs are helping to revive the idea of eating out and enjoying a friendly, rather than forced experience.

We searched the world to locate the best private dining experiences available. Take a look and consider your next meal at one of the private supper clubs.

New York Chef Dan Perlman, who has been in the Argentinean capital for nearly 10 years, organizes these very special house parties. Dan hosts the dinner parties from his apartment (AKA Casa Saltshaker) from Friday to Sunday cooking dishes being dependent on his mood that day.

The Five Course meals take influence from the Mediterranean and are carefully matched with local vinos for a mere $70. Expect your taste buds to be tantalized by wonders such as Dan’s famous ceviche, served over a corn puree, fava beans, red onion, rocoto peppers cilantro, cherry tomatoes and crushed tortilla crumbs.

There is room for ten people, who all gather around Dan’s open kitchen table to watch his culinary skills and hear his stories. As this is a very intimate affair, Dan likes to chat with all of his guests beforehand to make sure they’re the right kind of person for this amazing experience.